The MMIHS is put up by a group of academicians, researchers, industrials and prominent professionals with exposure to a wide range of knowledge, experience and innovation in imarting high quality health education for Neplease youth and international community. Apart form this, MMIHS aims to provide high-end health services facilities with medern medical technologies within the reach of all Nepalese citizens.

S.N. Name Qualification Designation Program email Photo B.G.
1 Dr. Sujan Babu Marahatta P.hD(Tropical Medicine), Post Doc. Asso.Professor Public Health sujanmarahatta@gmail.com / drsujan.marahatta@mmihs.edu.np B+
2 Ms.Bishnu Bhattarai MN Professor Nursing bishnu.bhattarai@mmihs.edu.np AB+
3 Dr.Dharma Prasad Khanal PhD Professor Pharmacy drdpk@yahoo.com/ drdpk@mmihs.edu.np O+
4 Ms. Beenu Bista MN Professor Nursing bistabeenu@hotmail.com B+
5 Durga Mishra MPH / MPhil Population Studies Asso.Professor Public Health durgamk07@gmail.com B+
6 Mr. Bechan Raut M.Sc.Botany Asso.Professor Pharmacy rautbechan@yahoo.com O+
7 Ms. Soni Shrestha B.Sc.Nsg, MPH Asso.Professor Nursing sonishrestha2003@yahoo.com B-
8 Ms. Bamita Budhathoki Master in Pediatric Nursing Asso.Professor Nursing boharabamita@gmail.com B+
9 Mr. Puspa Raj Khanal Master in Medical Laboratory Technology (MMLT) Asst.Professor Lab Medicine puspa12k@gmail.com B+
10 Ms.Mamta Maharjan MN Asst.Professor Nursing mamu4mr@hotmail.com A+
11 Gita Pun Bhandari MPH Asst.Professor Public Health gitapun08@yahoo.com B+
12 Ms. Pushpa Sharma M.A./M.Ed. Nepali Asst.Professor PCL-Nursing puspakoirala16@yahoo.com O+
13 Ms. Patta K. Adhikari MA Child development & Gender Socialization Lecturer Nursing patta_grg@hotmail.com O+
14 Ms.Reena Mandal MN Lecturer Nursing reenamandalnp@gmail.com A+
15 Ms.Chanda Shrestha MN Lecturer Nursing meet_chanda@yahoo.com O-
16 Ms.Dhanmaya Gurung MN Lecturer Nursing thedhana@gmail.com O+
17 Jamuna Laxmi Maharjan MN Lecturer Nursing maharjanjamuna@yahoo.com B+
18 Ms.Poonam Devi Shrestha Masters of Nursing (MN) Lecturer Nursing poonamshrestha1@gmail.com A+
19 Ms.Mamta Rai M.Sc.Nursing Lecturer Nursing mamatacmamling@gmail.com A+
20 Mr. Prem Paudyal M.Sc.Chemistry Lecturer Pharmacy prempaudyal83@gmail.com O+
21 Sarita Karki MPharm Lecturer Pharmacy # B+
22 Ms Dipti Piya Baniya M.Pharm Lecturer Pharmacy piyadipti123@gmail.com AB+
23 Ms.Mijala Bajracharya M.Pharm Lecturer Pharmacy bmijala@yahoo.com A+
24 Ms. Pramila Devkota Masters of Nursing (MN) Lecturer Nursing pramilagelal@yahoo.com O+
25 Ms.Indira Adhikari Poudel Masters of Nursing (MN) Lecturer Nursing indira.adhikarip@gmail.com A+
26 Mr.Janak Paudel M.Sc.(Statistics) Lecturer PCL-Nursing paudeljanak420@gmail.com A+
27 Ms Bijaya Dawadi MN Lecturer Nursing bijayadawadi1@gmail.com O+
28 Ms. Jnanee Joshi MA Social Study Lecturer PCL-Nursing gyanijoshiadhikari@gmail.com O+
29 Mr.Laxman Chalise Master in English Lecturer PCL-Nursing student_degree20@yahoo.com AB+
30 Ms.Kamala Rijal M.Sc. Chemistry Lecturer PCL-Nursing meetkamala@yahoo.com B+
31 Ms.Rojina Bhurtel M.Sc.Nursing Lecturer Nursing rojinabhurtel1@gmail.com O+
32 Ms. Jyotsna Shakya M.Sc.Medical(Bio-Chemistry) Lecturer Lab Medicine sjyotsna_2000@yahoo.com B+
33 Mr. Bashudev Pardhe M.Sc.Medical(Bio-Chemistry Lecturer Lab Medicine pardhebashu@gmail.com O+
34 Shristi Rana Master of Nursing (MN) Lecturer Nursing ranashristi@yahoo.com A+
35 Shanti Poudel Master of Nursing (MN) Lecturer Nursing santeepoudel@gmail.com O+
36 Sarswoti Budal Master of Nursing (MN) Lecturer Nursing bsaru6@yahoo.com B+
37 Ms. Basanti Pokharel MPH, BN Lecturer Nursing basanti405@gmail.com A+
38 Ms.Preeti Shrestha M.Sc.Nsg Lecturer Nursing zenat_stha@yahoo.com O+
39 Mr. Laxman Wagle Pharm D Lecturer Pharmacy waglelaxman@gmail.com O+
40 Rhinu Shrestha Master of Nursing (MN) Lecturer Nursing rhinushta78@hotmail.com B+
41 Shusma Aacharya MN Lecturer Nursing acharyashusma@yahoo.com O+
42 Poonam Shrestha Master in Science (M.Sc.Nursing) Lecturer Nursing poonam.shrestha1@gmail.com A+
43 Ms. Poojan Sharma MN Lecturer Nursing poojan42@gmail.com AB+
44 Mr.Dhurba Sapkota M.Sc Physics Lecturer DPharm crazydhurba98@yahoo.com A+
45 Mr. Sanjeet Pandit M.Sc. Clinical Microbiology Lecturer Lab Medicine sanjitpandit@gmail.com O+
46 Anika Dahal Master of Nursing Science (MN) in Adult Nursing Lecturer Nursing anika_dahal@yahoo.com A+
47 Dr. Kapil Amgain M.Sc. Medical Anatomy,M.Sc Parasitology Lecturer DPharm dr.kapilamgain@gmail.com B+
48 Ms. Tripti Shrestha B.Sc Nursing, Master in Public Health (MPH) Lecturer Public Health shresthatripti14@gmail.com B+
49 Mr.Prakash Datta Chautat M.Sc Statistics Lecturer Public Health prakashchataut72@gmail.com A+
50 Mr. Sailendra Thapa Master in Public Health (MPH) Lecturer Public Health thapasailendra@gmail.com A+
51 Ms. Ajita Sigdel Master in Public Health (MPH) Lecturer Public Health ajitasigdel@gmail.com B+
52 Ms. Rasmi Mulmi B.Sc Nursing, Master in Public Health (MPH) Lecturer Public Health rasmi.rashme09@gmail.com O+
53 Mr.Binod Kumar Yadav M.Sc. (Zoology) Lecturer GM crazydhurba98@gmail.com O+
54 Ms. Biva Shrestha PBN Sr.Instructor PCL-Nursing bivarajj@yahoo.com B+
55 Mr. Rajeev Mishra MCA,B.Sc.,PGDCA,CIC Sr.Instructor Public Health rajeevmishra@mmihs.edu.np O+
56 Ms.Jarina Shrestha PBN Sr.Instructor PCL-Nursing shresthajarina@yahoo.com N/A
57 Barsha Tamrakar B.Sc.Nursing Sr.Instructor Nursing barsha3355@gmail.com AB+
58 Ms.Radha Kumari Poudel PBN, MA Child and Gender Socialization Sr.Instructor PCL-Nursing radha_pdl@yahoo.com A+
59 Mr. Govardwan Joshi B.Sc.MLT Instructor CMLT govardhan.joshi2001@yahoo.com A+
60 Sakrita Hona B.Sc.MLT Instructor Lab Medicine honasakreeta63@gmail.com O+
61 Ms. Prativa Regmi Bachelor of Public health Instructor Public Health prativaregmi1@gmail.com O+
62 Mr.Rajesh Prasad Gupta B.Sc.MLT Instructor CMLT guptarakesh@rocketmail.com B+
63 Ms.Ranjita Sharma Bachkain PBN Instructor PCL-Nursing rbachkain@gmail.com N/A
64 Ms. Sirjana Khatiwada Post Basic Bachelor of Nursing (PBN) Instructor PCL-Nursing sk_creation@hotmail.com B+
65 Mr. Dipendra Kumar Yadav BPH Instructor GM dipendraydv@yahoo.com B+
66 Ms. Pratibha Sharma PBN Instructor PCL-Nursing prativanepal68@gmail.com O+
67 Ms. Saujana Pandey Post Basic Bachelor of Nursing (PBN) Instructor Nursing vetthapa530@yahoo.com
68 Ms.Indira Maharjan Post Basic Bachelor of Nursing (PBN) Instructor Nursing indira.maharjan16@gmail.com O+
69 Ms. Subekshya Mishra (Thapaliya) B.Sc.Nsg Instructor PCL-Nursing subekshyamishra@gmail.com O+
70 Anjeela Bhetwal B.Sc.MLT Instructor Lab Medicine anjeela065@gmail.com A+
71 Rita Subedi BNS Instructor PCL-Nursing mrssubedi2070@gmail.com B+
72 Bigya Chapagain Bachelor in Nursing Science Instructor Nursing bigya11c@gmail.com B+
73 Upama Bhattarai B.Sc.Nursing Instructor Nursing upama.bhattarai.14@gmail.com O+
74 Sudha Bhandari Post Basic Bachelor of Nursing (PBN) Instructor Nursing sunature45@gmail.com O+